Google opens up the doors for RSS feed

Google opens up the doors for RSS feed submissions directly to their indexes.

With Google’s new Personalized Home Page feature, it has launched an online RSS aggregator that is easy and functional to use and opens up the door for RSS feed submissions directly to its indexes.

Those that are interested in increasing the reach and visibility of your RSS feeds, now have a fast and easy way to submit to Google directly.

To make your blog and RSS feed part of this new Google index, visit Google Personalized Home page and follow these instructions:

1) If you don’t have a Google Account click here and create one now. For existing users, simply go to and log in.

2) Create a Google account on the Google Personalized Home Page.

3) At the left column, click on “Create a section”.

4) Type in your RSS or Atom feed directly.

That’s is it!

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