Research shows increasing interest in RSS and Blog Advertising.

Research shows increaing interest in RSS and Blog Advertising.

In a recent research study from Forrester: 64% of U.S. advertisers would advertise in blogs and 57% would place RSS ads.
64% would advertise in blogs, 57% would place RSS ads by ZDNet — Forrester says total US online advertising and marketing spending will reach $14.7 billion in 2005, a 23% increase over 2004. Online marketing and advertising will represent 8% of total advertising spending in 2010. Search engine marketing will grow by 33% in 2005, reaching $11.6 billion by 2010. Display advertising, which includes traditional banners and sponsorships.

RSS advertising will experience amazing growth, and there's really very little anyone can do about it now. Here is why...

People go online to do basically 2 things. To read email or search for specific information. Many users are fed up with both of those activities due annoying SPAM messages. That means that it gets more and more difficult to get people to sign up for free newsletters or e-courses. What this means to potential internet markets and bloggers? Your prospects might NOT get your newsletter although they signed up for it. And it means less sales affiliate marketers. And it's getting worse by the day. Soon very few will sign up for anything and if they do sign up, odds are very soon less than 40% will get your messages due to Spam filters.

People who visit your site can sign up to receive news bulletins, press releases, product reviews, special offers, and more from you. But there's one big difference. RSS feeds almost magically appear directly on your subscribers' screens. Your info can also appear on their My Yahoo Homepage and RSS aggregators, instantly. and other major news outlets started to integrate RSS ads and behavioral targeting messages based on the readers interests and content they choose to read about.

This is great news because this bypasses email filters and gets your content delivered directly to the screen of your prospect.

This is an amazing & very powerful way to communicate to your audience!

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